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New hiking strap support line rigging PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 January 2018 20:11

Change to Class Rule 17(c) New Rule 17(c):
The hiking strap supporting line, between the aft end of the hiking strap and the eye straps on the aft face of the cockpit, may be rigged in any manner so that the hiking strap is fixed or adjustable and may include one cleat; one ring, thimble, or shackle; or both.


Here are some examples:

Hiking Strap Picture#1


Hiking Strap Picture#2



This allows for a sideways to rearward pull without leaning too far into the boat - this would typically be done on rounding the top mark before a reach/run. To loosen to the hiking setting a finger is inserted between the cleat and shackle to uncleat and the line runs to stop at the bowline at the handle.

Hiking Strap Picture#3

Although a shackle is used in this example, a thimble or ring could also be used.

Hiking Strap Picture#4

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 January 2018 23:47
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