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2019 Laser Radial Youth and 4.7 Youth World Championships PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 September 2018 22:21

The 2019 Laser Radial Youth World Championship and 2019 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championship will be held at CORK - Kingston, Ontario. If you’re a young sailor in North America, are you wondering how to participate? Read on for the steps to take.

The Radial event is scheduled for Wednesday 24 July 2019 - Wednesday 31 July 2019. The 4.7 championship will be Friday 16 August 2019 - Friday 23 August 2019.

If you’re a young sailor in North America, are you wondering how to participate? Here are the steps to take:

First, sign up as soon as possible to become a current member of the Laser Class through the North American region. The link to do that is here. If you are already a member, be sure that your membership extends through the last day of the World Championship. You can check you expiration date by using that same link and checking via the renewal process.

The second step is to process an application for the World Championship you wish to enter as soon as that process activates with the International Laser Class office. The page to watch is this one:

You’ll see that right now the news post is that additional details will be provided at a later date. We will post the news of activation on our website, our Facebook page, and Twitter as soon as it goes live.

Once the application period closes, the list of North American (all CAN and USA) sailors will be sent to the class office. We’ll verify your class membership and then use the process as outlined on the 2019 World Qualification System to rank the list. We realize that some of you didn’t realize that it was important to earn Grand Prix points in 2018 for the ranking but that’s okay, you might still be able to participate. Just be sure to get your application in a soon as possible once the process opens up. If you don’t have any Grand Prix points, we’ll use the time stamp on your application for ranking.

We don’t know how many berths will be allocated to the North American region. That allocation is based on a ratio of our total NA membership as of 8/31/18 to the global membership total.

We will be given an initial allocation based on that ratio and then additional berths will be reallocated every couple weeks during the entry process as berths aren’t taken by other countries. We’ll try to get as many as we can. It’s all very transparent on the ILCA website as the wait list is posted there and it’s clear about where everyone stands on the list.

There is a good list of FAQ for sailors on the ILCA website. If you, your parents, or coaches haven’t read through that, we recommend doing so. Here is the link to that page:

We hope that all helps but if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to check in with the class office.

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