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2019 September ExCom Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 December 2019 23:50

ILCA-NA Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm EDT.  In attendance were: Al Clark, Meka Taulbee, Eric Reitinger, Andy Roy, and Sherri Campbell. John Long was unable to attend.


1.The minutes from July 9, 2019 call were approved.


2. Office Report

  1. The Laser Sailor – From Jerelyn:The fall issue deadline is Sept 15. Articles received to date: D13 Champs, Canadian Masters, Savannah D12-youth perspective. Will likely hold until after 9/22 for coverage of the PCC, GCC, No Coast. All DSec have been reminded to submit district reports. Could use some technical articles. Eric will send an article on the NAs and ACC. He also indicated that Matt and Rachel Goetting (Sailorcise) may have a submission. Sherri will follow up with them.

Sherri reported that APS is now out as an advertiser as they are transitioning to a technical clothing only store. Overall ad revenue will be impacted as they have had a standing two page ad. Others have also dropped off. Discussion followed about shifting to a digital version of TLS to save printing and mailing expenses or to discontinue the publication. It was unknown about the impact to membership renewals. The group agreed to shift to digital.

  1. Finances – Statements through August 31, 2019 were presented. Sherri noted that we will likely have a break even year as the 9/30/19 year end thanks to a change in our dues structure with ILCA and zero travel costs for this year. The budget for travel in future probably shouldn’t be zero. This year was an exception with Eric able to be at the NAs and no travel needed by Sherri to Canada with the two World Championship there. She suggested a hard look at the finances as we are running pretty thin. There was discussion that maybe some of the major regatta attendance was down this year and had impact.
  2. Membership – Final report for the year was submitted to ILCA as of 8/31/19. Sherri noted that membership was nearly even to last year at 1376.


3. Old Business –

a. ILCA Handbook mailing necessity – Sherri will follow up with ILCA

b. 2020 Regatta Calendar – Now in good shape with only a few regional regattas still to be confirmed and those are in the works.

c. ILCA Class rule change vote – This was passed by the membership. World Sailing announced this week that the Laser and Radial are confirmed for the Olympics through 2024. New builders will be coming in the future. Inventory supply of boat and parts may be dependant upon how soon this process can be completed. The logo on the hull and sails will likely change.


4. New Business –   October election for ILCA-NA officers. All agreed to stand for re-election. Sherri will follow up with the process on the website and with the                                    district secretaries per the ILCA-NA by laws.

Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm

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