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Tuesday, 08 May 2018 22:02

Older Master Laser sailors on the west coast will have no trouble remembering the inimitable Jim Christopher on the race course.


Jim Christopher, 1935-2018

We are sorry to inform you of his death on April 29th. Jim was a one of a kind guy. He was small in stature but incredibly strong in physique as well as character. He has sailed dinghies and blue water boats since his youth in Olympia, Washington. From the late seventies he has been a consistent winner in Lasers. The Eureka Yacht Club sailors who benefited so much from his exemplary sailing and teaching will forever hold him in the highest esteem. He will be missed.

Submitted by:
Bruce Braly and Mike Eichwald

Additional note from D25 Secretary, Jorge Suarez:
When I met him, he was already a Great Grand Master, driving up and down the West Coast in his pickup truck looking for Laser racing wherever he could.  He was as wise as he was fit, independent as he was kind.  He inspired so many of us to continue sailing Lasers at the highest level possible and to become a human being at the highest level possible too!

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